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Hello, I’m Laura, an experienced, highly efficient and well organised Virtual Assistant residing in the South Coast, with my husband and our dog.

In my free time I enjoy running, paddle boarding, beach walks and I am always wanting to learn new skills to help me collaborate and connect with like minded people.

I have been working in the corporate world as a PA and latterly an EA for 22 years. I can honestly say that I have loved my job ‘being the glue’ working with some brilliant people and corporate companies but I then had that infamous light bulb moment, when I decided that I would really love the flexibility being my own boss brings and the ability to use my experience to help a broader variety of people rather than just predominantly supporting one person. This would then allow me to be more creative, more proactive, and generally have the work life balance I have always dreamed of so that is the reason why EA2VA was founded.


Pricing Structure

Depending on your requirements we can discuss the number of hours you will realistically need for me to complete the task/s in the most effective way. A minimum booking is 1 hour and block bookings are available on request.


What can I do for you?

per hour


This rate is for those ad hoc tasks you may find yourself needing support on throughout the month. Let’s chat to see what needs doing and come up with a sensible plan together to get things done. All tasks are time tracked to the minute, so you only pay for what you have used.

This option is billed monthly.

Monthly Retainer Packages

These packages are available for when you require my ongoing dedicated support each month.

Focus - 10 hours = £290.00

Ambition - 20 hours = £560.00

Drive - 30 hours = £780.00

Grow - 40 hours = £1000.00

You will be invoiced monthly in advance, any unused hours can be carried over to the following calendar month as follows: Focus - Up to 1 unused hour Ambition - Up to 2 unused hours. Drive - Up to 3 unused hours Grow - Up to 4 unused hours Any additional hours required will be charged at the relevant hourly retainer package rate for example Focus = £29

per hour.


8 hours

Event Support Day Rate

Do you require on site support for an event or meeting, then this will suit you perfectly?

I can be on hand for 8 hours over a period to suit you
i.e. 8am – 4pm, 9 - 5pm,

10 - 6pm, 5 - 1am.

A deposit of £100 is required to secure the date or dates and will be taken off the balance owed if the support requirement is not cancelled.


Events, Projects & 

Design work

Have you got an event, project or design needs in the pipeline?

Well let’s have a non-obligatory chat so we can discuss the brief, the budget and the most cost-effective ways of bringing your ideas to life.


Having a broad experience of working with a variety of business types and stakeholders, I can work with you on small, large or somewhere in the between tasks.


I can create unforgettable events by providing flawless delivery from concept through to execution, on time and on budget.


Freeing up your time so you can concentrate on your business goals and doing the fun stuff in life with your friends & family. I have trusted contacts in all areas. 

Trusted by companies and entrepreneurs
throughout the country

  • Proactive

    & hardworking

    Laura and I worked in partnership when she was my executive assistant, she is quite simply amazing.  Laura is intelligent, proactive, hardworking and has a real gift in working with people.  Laura creates strong working relationships based on genuine trust and as a consequence is able to achieve outcomes beyond expectations.  Laura demonstrated a multitude of skills; from keeping me on schedule, managing events, internal communications through taking on complex accountabilities in a high pressure M&A process.  I would not hesitate to recommend Laura, she brings great strengths to any organisation, team or individual she works with.

    Ian Cain

    Chief Executive Officer, SES Water

  • Conscientious and focussed

    Laura worked with me at Fitness First for a number of years, supporting me in my role as UK HR Director, Laura was always proactive, conscientious and focussed on doing a great job. She was trustworthy, handled confidential matters with sensitivity. Laura can be relied upon to take initiative regarding what needs to be done, or looking for ways to do things better.  She has positive outlook and is a great team player. 

    Neil Tune

    Director, Coachopolis

  • Highly regarded

    Laura worked with me as my PA for over 6 years to support my role as Facilities & Development Director and then as Property Director at Fitness First. 

    Initially and during the role, not only supporting me, but an in-house Facilities team and an external contracting team. Laura played a pivotal role in keeping the key people in the department updated in all relevant business relevant activities. Laura also assisted in some international matters where my work required inter regional coordination.

    Laura was highly regarded amongst her peers. Someone who was trustworthy, well organised, friendly and extremely creative when it came to organising a conference or an event.

    Laura worked closely with other members of the executive team, often being asked to participate in wider business activities.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending Laura.

    Harry Kay

    Property Director,

    Third Space

  • Charming and approachable

    Laura is quite simply wonderful in all respects. As my Executive Assistant, Laura supported me in all aspects, both personal and professional, making my life well structured, super organised and also balanced to promote my wellbeing. Laura’s exceptional experience means she proactively pre-empts situations and requirements; a natural problem solver. Her focus is sharp, but she remains agile to the brief changing which often happens, remaining unphased. One of Laura’s greatest strengths is her charming and approachable demeanour that quickly allows her to build strong relationships and foster collaboration. Laura’s local and national connections also mean she has a strong network she can call upon. For our business, Laura’s has used this network to organise some fantastically themed events including festival, 1920s and winter wonderland. Her creativity combined with budgeting skills means businesses don’t have to compromise when it comes to celebrating achievements with employees at scale. I have no hesitation in recommending Laura if you’re looking for someone with energy and enthusiasm, who can whip you (and your family) into administrative shape.

    Monica Collings

    Co-CEO,  ISupply Energy 


I would love to hear from you, so just fill in the form below, email or give me a call..

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07812 368893

Laura Taylor
EA2VA Unit 42609, PO Box 7169, Poole, BH15 9EL

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