You will find me to be highly creative, super organised and an evaluative thinker capable of delivering the best results for any business. As a person I bring energy to situations, am well-structured and methodical.

I pride myself on being empathetic and kind, with time for everyone at any level, being patient and taking everything in my stride. Being positive and giving really helps me to see the best in everyone and everything and helps me to bring that positivity to others in difficult times.

I am creative with brilliant ideas and apparently a joy to work with due to my encouraging and collaborative approach. I am open to working with start-ups, SMEs and large corporate companies, so if I sound like the person you would like to work with, please do get in touch.


In a world where business owners always need more hours in the day, I can do the tasks that just stay on your to do list and are never realised.


I am someone you can trust, being completely flexible and adaptable, always well prepared for any eventuality that may arise and helping you to achieve your business results, keeping your team motivated by fantastic events and keep your life running on track. All this leaving you more time to enjoy your free time to have fun, rather than always thinking about what’s next at work, unable to fully relax and switch off and most importantly with you feeling stress free as everyone’s wellbeing and mindfulness is paramount in order to be able to do a job well and to focus on goals.

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